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Understanding Cassandra

April 25, 2019
Cassandra is an awesome database technology, but I had a difficulty understanding it. That is, until I went through Datastax course material and a very important line: In using Cassandra, you design your database based on your query. I am no database…

Game Design - Creation, Maintenance, Destruction

January 21, 2019
Someone told me that game mechanics can be in general categorized into 3 types of action in life: creation, maintenance, and destruction. Most modern games revolves around destruction as it is relatively easier to create. Minecraft is a game that…

Game Design Analysis - Moonlighter

January 20, 2019
Moonlighter is a game about being a merchant who collects his own merchandise by killing monsters in the dungeon. The merchant is following the steps of his late father who fearlessly explored new dungeons despite the higher danger. The game has…

Game Design Analysis - Tomba 2

January 01, 2019
Tomba 2: Evil Swine Return is an awesome PlayStation 1 game. Tomba, the Tarzan-like main protagonist, is trying to save his friend from the Evil Swines, while saving the world in the process. Beware as this writing will include a lot of spoilers to…

Dependency Injection vs Dependency Inversion

July 19, 2018
I got super confused about Dependency Inversion when I stumbled upon it. I was watching a video about Dependency Inversion as part of SOLID principle . The video rolls out as if we are building a dependency injection code, where your high-level…

FPS First Cut

June 17, 2018
I had an FPS game idea in mind, so I started building the base gameplay. I followed Brackey's tutorial on Shooting with Raycast . Here's the result: That's poor man's gun and muzzle flash :p